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    I had a forceps delivery 36 years ago and have been struggling with rectile disfunctioning (and repair which didn’t work)and now prolapse. I am exercising with your dvd but after researching pelvic floor exercises for prolapses I noticed that the exercises with the ball squeezes are not a good idea for that condition and make it worse is that right. Also the holding tight of the abdominal muscles seems to be an issue. Can you please tell me if I should continue or modify the exercises?
    Thanks Marije


    The adductor squeeze is a great exercise when you do it in neutral spine. This will result in a co-contraction of your pelvic floor, TA and adductors. Things that will make your prolapse worse are short breath holds or bearing down so please avoid that.

    If you are having difficulty holding your TA tight. Then be sure to stay on Workout 1 until these exercises seem easy.

    Also be sure to begin reading the “Educate Yourself” section on this website for so much more information that will benefit you!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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