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    Hi Tasha,
    I am 6 months postpartum and I was just diagnosed with a grade 2 anterior prolapse and a grade 3 posterior prolapse and to be totally honest I am devastated. I am a dedicated yogi and I feel like I will never be able to return to my regular practice. I am also worried that I will not be able to have a second child and stay healthy even if I do manage to improve my prolapse. I know you had two kids, how bad was your prolapse?

    I also wanted to know- how often do you recommend doing the Hab-It exercises? How long does it typically take to recover? I was told that I could likely improve it by a grade but I should not expect to reverse it completely, which was disheartening. Have you ever heard of anyone reversing a grade 2 anterior prolapse and a grade 3 posterior prolapse? I’m in physical therapy but I just don’t feel like the exercises or anything they are doing anything. I really want to be sure I am doing all that I can to help. I’ve looked into both chiropractic care and Arvigo massage therapy, have you had any luck with these modalities?

    I guess in short I am just looking for some hope.

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    Hello Gabriella,

    Even though you asked Tasha I want to put my 2 cents in.
    I understand that you feel devastated. I also have a grade 2 anterior prolapse and for a while I was really depressed about it and felt hopeless and insecure. After lots of surfing the net I discovered prolapsehealth.com; a forum where Tasha was/or is active, too. More importantly though there are lots of real stories of women like us – many who improved, others that did not. There is a symbolic fee to pay for access, but it has been the resource that allowed me to regain (relative) peace of mind.

    All the best,

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    I am chiming in here too….I can’t seem to get access to that site (even after I paid the fee)…are you still able to? I am also in PT and thinking I may actually be feeling some improvement (not sure what grade I am). My PT does do the mayan massage most times that I come there (not sure if that matters or not). But I also have been working hard (daily) on my exercises, etc. Still def not to where I want to be yet though. And same re: depressed.

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    You can work to be symptom free, as many women using the Hab It workouts have done! It is a step by step process of learning about your body, recruiting the right muscles, setting the right firing pattern, holding the right postural positioning throughout the majority of your day, etc. With a thorough read through the Education section on this site, you will have a good start. Then 4-6 weeks on the Hab It dvd to ensure that you can voluntarily contract each muscle of your pelvic basket. Setting this deep core is key to your recovery and then moving on to the more advanced Hab It CArdio or 7 Day Advanced to begin to coordinate all of our bigger muscle groups along with this stable core we have developed.

    As for Yoga, there is no reason why you won’t eventually return to your prior level of training, but first you have to work through the Hab It dvd for 4-6 weeks. The key during this time is recognizing your breath, can you hold a TA contraction without the RA taking over, can we get our deep hip rotators coordinating with your TA, pelvic floor, and multifidi. Don’t rush or you may miss one piece of your pelvic basket and not recognize your full rehab potential.

    You ask about my personal journey with prolapse and having 3 children. Its all in the Education section, so read, read, read.

    I also like the mention of Prolapsehealth.com. It does offer more of a discussion forum with other moms that is great for some women -so check that out if you are interested. Kristin, I am sure if you contact the moderator they should allow you to reset your password???


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