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    Virginia Dunbabin

    Hi Tasha,

    I found info about your videos while researching pelvic floor, prolapse and pregnancy. I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first is 17 months old. I have diastatsis recti, and did have a lot of problems with incontinence postpartum. I went to physical therapy, specializing in this, and did the exercises, with noted improvements. My OB/GYN is aware, and says there’s not much that can be done while I’m pregnant to reduce my issues at the end of this pregnancy and also post-partum. I would like to ask for your opinion and advice on this. Can I do your videos while I’m pregnant? I just had a scary moment in the bathroom, where I think my rectum was starting to push down, and I had to push it back up. Please help.

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    Hi Virginia,
    You can follow the pregnancy exercises I have posted on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPmv9G8F_fY

    I would also highly recommend that you begin to read through the Educate Yourself content so that you can begin to work on your posture while pregnant and will be able to initiate neutral spine posture with confidence after delivery. You can also begin the Hab It Pelvic Floor program right after a vaginal delivery and after exercise clearance is given following a hysterectomy.


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