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    Hi, I have a stage 3 cystocele at 3 months post partum and I’ve been doing the workouts for the last 4 weeks and I’m on workout 3. I feel like it’s pretty easy for me but I still feel the heaviness/like a tampon falling out about 50% of the time standing and almost always walking. I do feel a lot stronger and I no longer have any urgency or incontinence. Should I wait until the heaviness is gone to move on to workout 4? I also want to do the advanced program and get back to high impact exercise and lifting but I’m not sure when I should do that and if I’ll make it worse by starting too early.


    You should be feeling that heavy feeling lift if you are co-contracting the right muscles. It sounds you don’t quite have the right coordination. So lets work to get you there!

    Read my entry on Breathing and my entry on TA vs RA and finally, the entry called “Work Extension While You walk” – these all focus on muscle activation that you need to feel that list. Recognize that every time you chest breath with rib elevation and expansion, you actually create a vacuum sucking all air up into your expanding lungs and your TA will lift along with this.

    Also be sure you truly understand how an RA contraction will lock your ribs down and force pressure down on your pelvic floor, whereas the TA contraction will draw your pelvic floor up with it and lift pressure up under your ribs and chest.

    And finally, focusing on great toe push off and chest up posture with walking and you will activate your glutes, your TA, and, in a co-contraction, a pelvic floor lift while you walk.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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