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    Hi Tasha – question I am really working to get the posture correct. If I am standing in optimal posture and Ta is up and in should it almost squeeze my bladder prolapse back and in if that makes sense? That’s how it feels to me but not sure if this is correct or not.

    Thank you!


    If you are saying that you bladder would lift a bit up and in like your belly button then I would say yes.

    In neutral spine, the bladder actually sits over the pubic bone, and with a TA lift and hold, it would give a slight lift to your bladder, but because you hold your tail bone in one postion with your multifidi, the bladder won’t actually move back, but just up.

    Think through this explanation – that is the importance of the multifidi – our TA tightening around our midsection operates with a co-contraction of our pelvic floor. Our pelvic floor tightens by pulling on our tail bone. If we don’t hold this tailbone in place (slightly lifted) then our buns will tuck under and we would shift our bladder back where it doesn’t have the added support of our pubic bone. This is our deepest core stabilizers in a nut shell – all dependent on each other. The all must co-contract in order for this to work!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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