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    I have a 6 week old and 3 year old so spend a lot of time feeding and playing on the floor. When feeding I am finding it very difficult to sit in neutral posture so far forward and feed my newborn. I am experimenting with feeding with my legs crossed. Is this better than sitting normally in a chair which causes my knees to be higher than my bottom like most couches/ rocking chairs do? Do you have any other suggestions or tips for using good posture while feeding?

    Also, when playing on the floor is sitting with my legs crossed okay and if not what should I do instead.


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    If you like to sit criss cross applesauce, that is fine as long as you are flexible enough to have your tailbone free of pressure. I am not, so when I am on the floor I am either on my back or stomach or limiting my sitting time because I can’t achieve neutral spine.

    Honestly, while you feed, I want you just to relax with your baby, so a rocker or the couch are just fine by me. Your baby can feel if you are relaxed or tense, so let your body relax during this time!

    When sitting at meetings or at the computer, work to find a swiss ball or get to the front edge of a chair that will allow your knees to drop slightly and you will find yourself in neutral spine without much effort.


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