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    I am 2 days postpartum after a vaginal burg of a 9 pounder. This is my 3rd baby. After my second I experienced a moderate rectocele and mild cystocele. I did the Hab It DVD faithfully for months and was feeling pretty good when I got pregnant again. I did exercises throughout my pregnancy. After the halfway point of the pregnancy I didn’t have any prolapse symptoms. Now at 2 days postpartum I’m having a bit of urinary incontinence and feeling swollen, sore, and weak in the pelvic area. I will be breastfeeding. This was my last baby. I would love to be able to get back to running again eventually but know it’s going to take time. My question really is how should I go about strengthening my pelvic floor. Can I start HabIt again now or should I wait a couple weeks? Then how long should I do HabIt before moving to the 7 day advance program? And how long before I start running? Should I wait a whole year before I try? Thanks so much for your help, hope, and guidance!


    Your body begins recovering as soon as the shock of delivery wears off. So start the Hab It program now and begin with a consistent focus on your neutral spine posture with your tail bone lifted, chest up, midsection drawn up slightly – take care to breathe with chest elevation and expansion!

    You should stay with the Hab It program and solid follow through with good habits for 4-6 weeks as your body is getting rid of all the extra fluid that it has carried throughout your pregnancy and your muscles “wake up” – your goal is to get as many muscle fibers engaging as you can with each exercise. Be deliberate with this very important step in your recovery – this sets your base!!!

    At 4-6 weeks you can move on to the 7 Day Advanced program for 4-6 weeks. It is up to you if you begin running after 2 weeks or so of the 7 Day or if you want to allow more time for you body – this will vary depending on how your muscles are responding.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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