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    Hi Tasha
    I am 12 weeks pp with my second baby. Pregnancy was fine and stayed fit throughout including going to weekly Pilates.

    However I got a 3a tear that has healed and noticed a ‘misplaced tampon’ feeling after too. I’ve been to maternity physio who said it is a bladder prolapse, likely mild. They said I am doing my exercises correctly.

    Up until that point I was doing kegels 4 times per day. Under advice I then increased to six sets per day.

    I am restricting activity as I feel it when walking even after a couple of minutes. It is making me miserable and I’m worried the symptoms will never go away. I started your programme last week and have done 5/7 days.

    I really want to get strong enough to walk, exercise and play with my children again.

    I combination fed until last week and have just stopped breast feeding.

    Is there any hope of my symptoms going and if me returning to a ‘normal’ life.
    Thanks so much for all of your work, it really can be devastating!

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