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    Hi Tasha
    I am 12 weeks pp with my second baby. Pregnancy was fine and stayed fit throughout including going to weekly Pilates.

    However I got a 3a tear that has healed and noticed a ‘misplaced tampon’ feeling after too. I’ve been to maternity physio who said it is a bladder prolapse, likely mild. They said I am doing my exercises correctly.

    Up until that point I was doing kegels 4 times per day. Under advice I then increased to six sets per day.

    I am restricting activity as I feel it when walking even after a couple of minutes. It is making me miserable and I’m worried the symptoms will never go away. I started your programme last week and have done 5/7 days.

    I really want to get strong enough to walk, exercise and play with my children again.

    I combination fed until last week and have just stopped breast feeding.

    Is there any hope of my symptoms going and if me returning to a ‘normal’ life.
    Thanks so much for all of your work, it really can be devastating!

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    Hi Tasha
    I just wanted to add a little to the above. I have read through lots of your education and ask Tasha section.

    Can I clarify something’s I was a bit confused about please? I feel symptoms all day around the house and more so if I go out and walk. From reading the education section it seems it is best to be active but did you wait until you had reduced symptoms around the house before you would start walking for exercise again?
    Also you have written a lot about biking being good. Would this need to be a stationary bike for now or could I get out on my bike despite having symptoms all day or again am I best to wait a little while?

    Thanks again

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    Your number one goal is to take a good look at your posture. Can you find neutral spine and hold it there. When you perform a multifidi lift, do you feel your Pelvic Floor stretched to a tighter/more elevated position. can you feel the vacuum effect when you lift your pelvic floor with a co-contraction of your TA and multifidi. If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you are not ready for longer walks. I want you to be able to identify and contract each muscle of your pelvic basket. Then begin to work them in coordination – feeling the pressure lifted off of your pelvic floor, before you begin to lengthen any cardio.

    And yes, biking is great because of the chest up, tail bone lifted position you are in on a road bike (tail bone should be free of all pressure) You can go out and ride for 10-15 minutes at this point without worry. Work to feel your TA and all anterior connective tissue drawn tight in appropriate bike positioning.


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    Thanks for the response Tasha. Yes, I can feel the muscles or the pelvic basket working and I am now up to workout three on the DVD. I still have symptoms of something coming down all day. So as I can feel the muscles is it ok for me to go ahead with more walking (longer than 10/15 mins).

    That’s great re biking, I will pay particular attention to my positioning as suggested.

    Thanks again, your help is much appreciated!

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    I also meant to as you about cardio.

    In the education section you spoke of kick boxing. I don’t do this but as part of a circuit I used to do 1 minute of punching in the air while still breathing, is this ok to do once my base is set?

    I plan to continue the hab it DVD, I’m on my 4th week now. I plan to keep doing it for 6 weeks and then move to the stabilisation one. Is it ok to move on at 6 weeks if I feel I have mastered the workouts even if I still have daily symptoms of something coming down (hopefully I won’t but want to check incase)?

    I am really appreciate of your work and site. It gives me hope that I will get symptom free in daily activities and will be able to jog again!

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    I am super late getting back to you. I apologize! The holiday hustle got me this year…

    As for kickboxing – it is okay as long as you have mastered your TA contraction and feel your pelvic floor lift with this stabilization, because it will be “on” with authority with any kicking or punching. The important concept with this is that my TA can cinch as long as I am breathing with chest elevation and expansion – my chest elevation and expansion is like a vacuum and that along with my TA cinching up like a corset doesn’t allow the downward pressure to reach my pelvic floor – or atleast not much of it.

    Now, if you happen to have a hard time with your Rectus Abdominus jumping in ahead of your TA and dominating the contraction, you will lock your ribs down and the pressure will be forced straight down onto your pelvic floor. I have written alot about the TA vs RA in the Educate Yourself section – its worth re-reading because it is key to your success with more advanced activities. The TA stabilizing will allow your rib cage to lift and expand. This is important as our intra-abdominal cavity is all about pressure distribution – we want it to go up – so if you squeeze the snow cone (the TA) the pressure goes up (of course we need our shoulders to be open to allow this rib elevation as well – this is good posture all the way up the chain!!!)

    Master this and you can move on. The best part of this is that not only does it lift pressure off of your pelvic floor, but it looks significantly better than the rounded shoulder, floppy belly that too many adults have. Its all about correct muscle activation!!!


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