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    Adrienne Smith

    I’ve been using your HABit dvd for a year and a half and have had much improvement! I tell everyone about your dvd!! I have 2 friends who want to buy the video and they are currently out of stock on amazon which is where I purchased mine. Please tell me you are going to restock?!!!!! I came on your website for the first time and am so delighted to see you have several other videos! My problem is I don’t have a device to upload the digital copies. Do you plan to make these available on a physical dvd? I would buy them all and am so ready for them now! I’m hoping so much this is your plan. My healing and getting back into shape journey has been such a long one with my pelvic and lower back issues from my 3 babies and I’m so grateful I was told in a crunchy mama fb group about your video! It’s been most helpful! Oh and by the way I’m Melissa’s sister in law, small world huh?!!! I was raving about this video to Rachel and she was like oh my gosh that’s Melissa’s best friend’s video!!!

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    Get in touch with me and send your address at tasha@ptpartnersllc.com so I can send you a couple of the Hab It dvds. It is a small world and I love that I have been able to help Rachel’s sister!!! She’s a great lady and of course, I think the world of Meliss 🙂

    As far as my other programs, they are only available in the digital format. You can stream them through Vimeo if you have a decent email connection, so downloading them is not required. I would agree with you that you are ready to move on – I would highly recommend my Hab It Cardio as your next step!

    I’ll look for your email and we’ll get your friends set up while Amazon clears up the glitches on their end.


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