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    Genece Cupp


    I have a pretty big diastasis recti (about three fingers wide) which has gotten worse after each pregnancy (3 all pitocin induced too, ack!). I did not know I had it until I landed in physical therapy for prolapsed bladder after 3rd pregnancy. Sadly, I cannot afford physical therapy so that was my only session. So I ordered both Tasha\’s pelvic floor dvd and Julie Tuppler\’s diastasis rehab dvd. Only, I keep having pelvic floor problems when I use the Tuppler splint, and I can\’t hold my stomach right when I do the pelvic floor exercises. So I haven\’t been doing much at all but I really need to! I want to go gung ho on the tuppler exercises but my pelvic floor flares up so badly. I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks so much. Genece

    Tasha Mulligan

    My thoughts…I am confident in saying that your diastasis will reduce with the exercises on the Hab It dvd. And it can continue to reduce for some time to come. The main muscle that will draw your diastasis together will be your TA and avoiding any RA activation. This is exactly what your pelvic floor also needs. You CAN and should rehab them together with success.

    Please give me some more information on the Tuppler technique so that I have specifics on what you are doing that is increasing your symptoms.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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