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    First, thank you for these wonderful videos. I have a stage 2 rectocele, and the workouts and posture have helped me a lot.

    My questions is about the pelvic floor exercises. I did the videos for 6 weeks, and then purchased two other sets of videos. I’m wondering if I need to continue doing the first videos…at least from time to time. It seems there are some really great exercises, such as pelvic lifts, that are on the first videos, but not on the plyometric videos. In order to keep my prolapse from coming back or getting worse, do I need to do the initial videos still? Thank you again for all your help.

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    You do not have to continue the Hab It exercises. The beauty is that you will be recruiting those same muscles but in coordination with your other working muscles, so it becomes more functional!

    Have confidence that these programs are targeting the co-contraction of ALL the Right muscles!!!


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