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    Diane Brownold

    As a 66 year old who has been dealing with a rectocele for at least twelve years, I’ve noticed that so many of your questions and answers are regarding post-partum issues, but POC is a huge issue with us post-menopausal women and can greatly diminish our activity level. Years ago, I looked into a surgical repair that was recommended by my gynecologist. Unnerved by what I was reading about the repair, I found a physical therapist that was doing bio-feedback for POC. I had some improvement, but after a while lapsed in continuing with the home program which was basically variations of kegels. I was mostly asymptomatic until after a recent D&C. I went back to therapy with a group that specializes in this issue, but again, it was mostly kegels with a little TA along with potty tips. Afte a couple of months and very little improvement, I found your site and started reading your free educational information. The next time I saw my physical therapist, I asked why we had never discussed posture. (By the way mine has always been lousy.) She sort of stumbled around it and said that not only was she unsure if it would do any good, but it may even be detrimental with a rectocele since it’s a posterior prolapse. I went home and immediately ordered your basic workout, which, as someone who has spent the last 30 years the gym (mostly weight lifting), makes all kinds of sense to me. I now seem to be noticing some improvement which I hope will continue. I have tried to make modifications in my gym workout that reduces pelvic floor pressure, but would really appreciate any suggestions that you can offer. I also love to hike and hope that by continuing with your program I will be more comfortable with the rocky trails that sometime aggravate the POC. Again, any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.


    Great story Diane!!! I love it – and if it makes sense to you, then you are already a step ahead on your recovery. Pay particular attention to your intra-abdominal pressure – you can control this…especially if have body awareness. Think of the vacuum effect of drawing your air up into your chest cavity with rib elevation and expansion – of course this requires shoulder blades to be set back and down and your shoulders/hands open to unlock those upper ribs!

    I talk about more work out specific changes in the Hab It Cardio, so this would be a next great step for you to further educate yourself on what we need to do for a strong, proud posture that will lead to symptom free activities!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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