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    Just wondering if the DVD exercises would work for older women? I read a lot of experiences from younger ladies. I am going through menopause and my prolapse happened due to that. I want to make sure that Tasha’s program is safe for all ages. Thank you so much!


    Hi Liss
    I’m in the same boat as you, I’m 51 & was diagnosed with a cystocele at the beginning of the year.
    I have been to 2 physios up to now & while the exercises they gave me have helped, I can say that after recently purchasing Tasha’s Hab-it Pelvic Floor Exercises I now have a much better understanding of which muscles are involved. The Physios had me concentrating on Kegels only & what’s called ‘quick flixes’. Where as Tasha’s programme includes both Kegels & quick flixes but more importantly, the whole supportive abdominal wall which she refers to as the ‘basket’.
    Honestly do yourself a favour & get this, it is definitely suitable for all ages & you can only benefit. It has four workouts on it & is full of information. I believe the price to be well worth it & very affordable ($12.95 Aussie dollars for the downloaded version) YOU are worth 13 bucks. I think I will buy the DVD next when I get the follow on programme so I can just grab it anytime & don’t need to rely on internet which can be dodgy now & again.
    After only doing these exercises for 2 weeks my own physio was impressed with my increased strength. Thanks Tasha!
    Good luck with your healing Liss


    Amanda – thank you for those very encouraging words! So glad you are on the right track.

    Liss, we have had 80+ year old women benefiting from these exercises. Amanda hits the right point when she talks about understanding your body and what you are trying to activate. It makes a big difference. So read through the Educate Yourself section at the very least – its 100% free! Then you can decide for yourself if it all makes sense!


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