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    Hi Tasha,

    I am pregnant for the 4th time, this time with twins. I am only 23 weeks but feeling (and looking) bigger than that. It is already starting to get heavy and I feel a lot of pelvic pressure. I was wondering what your thoughts are on maternity support belts. I have read mixed things-with the concern being that it could “deactivate” the muscles after prolonged use-causing the pelvic floor muscles to decrease in strength. I haven’t actually been dx with a prolapse, but after my last pregnancy, recovery took much longer and felt “swollen” for a looonnnggg time and the OB stated my vaginal walls were weak. I have been experiencing the same swollen/bulging in my perineum area.


    I am definitely in favor of a support belt while pregnant. It will offer what your over-stretched muscles can no longer offer. What I do caution against is any type compression above your hip bones. This is during and after delivery.



    Hi Tasha
    Please can you tell me what you mean by a support belt,the maternity support belts that I am aware of would put pressure above hips as they fasten under your bump?


    I believe some women have used a V2 support belt to give support to the perineum. You are right though, absolutely no pressure above the hip bones is recommended. I personally loved my low rise triathlon shorts while pregnant. The waist was below my belly and hip bones, the compression and light chamois lining against the perineum was perfect in my athletic book!


    Nichole Russell

    Hi all! This entry really echoes what I am going through right now. I was diagnosed with a grade 1-2 bladder and rectal prolapse after the birth of my 2nd child. With Hab it, and now 2 years later I was symptom free….. until I got pregnant with my third 5 weeks ago. All my symptoms are back and I feel so much pressure on my perinium and pelvis. I’ve never worn triathalon shorts but would give anything a try to relieve the pressure. Tasha, what brand/ kind would you recommend? And, at what point should I consider a V2 supporter? I am still doing Hab It daily and hope the symptoms I feel will eventually subside after pregnancy. Thank you for your help.


    Uh-oh. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my 5th and new to both prolapse and vulvar varicosities. I have been using the Cabea Babybellyband with groin compression straps for discomfort from my varicosities. I feel like my prolapse has been getting worse despite my best efforts.

    Could the compression belt actually be hurting instead of helping?? Though I thought it was low on my belly and lifted baby, it definitely sits above my hips in places (and baby is so, so low…ouch). The waistband is thick, strong, and adjustable…I have to be careful it doesn’t cause me a stomach ache by tightening too much!

    I bought your DVD and really appreciate your work to help women!


    I was diagnosed with a bladder prolapse during my pregnancy with my second child. I was symptom free after doing habit DVD but now I’m 6 weeks pregnant with third and symptoms are back and pretty uncomfortable. Also interested in any tips you have to get through pregnancy. Thanks, Tasha!


    One of my go-to’s on my 3rd pregnancy and recovery were low rise triathalon shorts. They give compression to the perineum but no pressure above the hip bones. Sandy give these a try.

    Honestly, you may have to take regular breaks and get off your feet. Pregnancy is an amazing “ask” of our bodies. Things get shoved around and stretched to accomodate our growing uterus and sometime the positioning of the baby (out of our control) increases pressure comporomising our venous return etc.
    The only way to counteract this is to give our bodies some reprieve from the pull of gravity on regular intervals!


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