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    Antoinette Hemphill

    Hi Tasha,
    Your program is amazing and has helped me greatly in past, especially when I was consistent and progressed slowly. In just returning to program after return of symptoms (started running regularly & doing some core work) Soon after, I had back pain, abdominal tightness/discomfort, and changes in bowel movements. I’ve never had incontinence (yet..ha) I have 3 kids with youngest being 2. My disstid is 2.5 fingers if I really push in there. Anyway, I resrestarted program in hopes of being able to run again. I was surprised how difficult first work out felt. Specificslly, very mild lower back soreness as I held/quick flicks. I’m
    Pretty sure I was only using pelvic floor. Is this normal if my back is weak or am I doing it wrong? Also, w the 2.5 diastis, is it ok to be doing the exercises on all fours and eventually that modified lower plank? Thanks for any insight + for doing what you do!


    Sounds like your pelvic muscles have gone dormant on you! Glad you are re-visiting the program and beginning with your most basic recruitment. Your description of any type of ache that lasts beyond the actual workout would point to hypertone, or difficulty in achieving full relaxation of your pelvic floor. In that case I would encourage you to work through diaphgragmatic breathing with pelvic rocking to increase blood flow and relaxation of your pelvic floor. If the ache is only during the workout, then it is just limited strength and endurance that should steadily improve.

    As far as your diastasis – the TA lift on all fours is fine. As you progress to planks, place your hands on the 3rd stair to decrease the direct pull of gravity on your abdominal wall. Beyond that – I would have expected your diastasis to have closed more by now – Please read through the “Posture” topic within the Educate Yourself section as well as the Breathing section. With your TA engaged, your diastasis should steadily close to 1 finger width! (can also check out hypopressive breathing on Youtube as a resource)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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