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    Hi Tasha,
    I have just begun lap swimming in the last 6 weeks. I love lap swimming but have not been able to for several years because there hasn’t been a pool nearby. We’ve moved now and I was so excited to start swimming. I have a mild prolapse that is quite uncomfortable at times, but I don’t really have any problems with pain or leaking urine. However, I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I do leak urine while swimming. This is so confusing, as I thought this was a pelvic-floor-friendly exercise. I’ve begun pushing off the wall very gently, which helps, but I still notice leaking very small amounts, and getting out of the pool (the ladder is difficult to use) I almost always leak. Why would this be happening when it doesn’t happen in ordinary daily life? Thank you for your time!

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    And yes, I realize that leaking in a pool is gross! So I feel like I need to stop swimming, though I love it, for the sake of hygiene and others. =( I do freestyle, breast and backstroke. Are certain strokes better than others for this? My doctor back in June didn’t even give me a grade or description of my prolapse but acted like it was quite mild and common for women who’ve delivered four babies.

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    It can be water that has taken up residence in the increased space in your vagina and thats whats coming out vs. urine. The interesting thing about swimming is that we are activating all the right muscles as you said and it is good for those with prolapse, but when we activate the TA and we reach with each stroke we definitely get a vacuum effect that I want with correct muscle activation. This vacuum effect is just perfect when you are trying to lift pressure off of a pelvic floor, but it can also aid in sucking up water into an area that has some space to fill.

    I tend to do more kickboard work when I am in the water but that is because I am often dreading the water in my ears and since my triathalon days have come to a close (bad left knee), I no longer make myself work my freestyle stroke. Honestly, I remember the sensation that you have described early on in my recovery but I don’t notice it now. So I wonder if time allows things to settle back in and take up some of this space that is naturally going to occur as your uterus expands that space with pregnancy. Just a hypotheses – not a known truth from my end on this one!


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