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    Hi Tasha,

    First thank you for your wonderful dvd, i absolutly love it!

    I have grade 3 cystocel and probably a rectocel (self-diagnostic) and i’m 3 months postpartum
    i’m presently doing your hab-it dvd 5 times a weeks and i recently buy a kegel8 (recommanded by my PT)

    My question is can i do hab-it and kegel8 on the same day or it’s too much and i will fatigue my pelvic floor muscle?
    How can i regnozie pelvic floor fatigue? By increase feeling of pressure?

    Habitually i do the dvd on the morning and planning on doing the kegel8 before going to bed

    And what do you think about yoga?
    Would it be too much to do hab-it and yoga on the same day?

    As you can see i’m a little bit afraid of doing too much because i want to heal not make things worse 🙂

    Tasha Mulligan

    I like the routine of doing the Hab It exercises in the morning – that is when I like to exercise as well because it sets my posture and my muscles for the day. Then adding in the Kegel 8 at night sounds like a plan. You will have to be the judge of how much is too much with that. An increase in symptoms or discomfort is a sign of over-doing it, so increase slowly and you will be good.

    As a yes to doing Yoga along with Hab It. You are in tune with your body enough now to know that any move that makes you hold your breath or repetitively tuck your tail bone under should be modified. Other than that, yoga will positively increase blood flow to your muscles. I also love Tai Chi for increased blood flow and muscle/neural mobility.

    Your progression will be a bit of trial and error but no worries about causing permanent harm. Just listen to your body and you will be alright.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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