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    In the last week I have discovered that I am experiencing a uterine prolapse. I have been searching the internet and have found a ton of information, some conflicting, but most fairly encouraging. I found your site while searching for reviews about Whole Woman, and would like to start taking advantage of your knowledge since what I have read thus far has been ringing true for me. Unfortunately, I’m a bit overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. So far I have made an appointment with my gynecologist, but can’t be seen until mid-March. I am fine with this since I plan to forgo surgery and live with the condition improving it with posture and exercise. I have also started doing some kegels and the FemFusion video “Do this FIRST”. Please advise since I just keep bouncing around your site and am anxious to get started.

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    Hi Krista, I’ll just pipe in here until Tasha gives you some additional feedback. I came upon this site a few weeks ago and after reading some of Tasha’s posts in the Education section of the site, and some reviews of her Hab-it Pelvic Floor Exercises DVD on Amazon decided that this was exactly what I was looking for.

    To start, I would recommend getting the Digital Download of the exercises and starting with workout 1 as soon as possible. I have been doing them for 2 weeks and already feel that my symptoms have improved. The other key is to try to maintain neutral spine and focus on your posture. Tasha has a great video that explains proper posture on Youtube, and also in the Introductory Videos for the Digital Download of the exercises.

    In addition to starting the workouts read Tasha’s posts on Posture and Breathing in the Education Section of her site. There is so much to learn here! The more I read, the more optimistic I am about improving my prolapse symptoms with good posture, by strengthening my pelvic ‘basket’, breathing properly and paying more attention to how my body reacts to different activities.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks again Nancy- and yes Krista, we are glad you found our site. I love that you found Brianne Grogan as well with FemFusion – I really respect her focus on helping women as well – she is a fantastic lady!

    I thinks Nancy’s advice to read, read, read is huge. As you develop an understanding of what has changed within your body and then what you can focus on to improve it, so much of that fear is pushed aside.

    Let us know if you have any specific exercise questions as you progress!


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    Thank you Nancy and Tasha for taking the time to reply! It’s encouraging and I feel like I have a good place to start.

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