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    Hi, Tasha! Just a quick question regarding pelvic pressure and TA activation…I know there can be different schools of thought when it comes to posture. You recommend engaging the TA with posture, but I don’t really see anything about lifting the pelvic floor as well…Wouldn’t activating the TA without lifting he pelvic floor create pressure? Ive heard the TA and pelvic floor co-contract, but I typically don’t feel any lifting of my pelvic floor when I contract my TA…im especially weak in my pelvic floor muscles, so I want to avoid any unnecessary pressure at all.

    A second question….does bending at the waist also create pressure? I went biking a few weeks ago and experienced a very surprising increase in symptoms (stage 1 cystocele and vaginal vault prolapse). Also, my baby is five months old and I am picking him up out of the crib, off the floor, off the bed, etc, literally all day long. Should I be squatting each time? Or is a little bend at the waist ok? I tend to experience an increase in symptoms any time I bend at the waist.

    Thank you so much!!

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    Your TA and pelvic floor should co-contract. I have designed the Hab It dvd to establish this co-contraction. Once this firing pattern is set, then I don’t want you thinking about contracting your pelvic floor. It should be “on” when the TA is activated by pulling up and in because the anterior fibers are connected.

    If we haven’t established this co-contraction then be sure to go back to the Hab It dvd and ensure we feel these muscles working together. A TA contraction should never blow pressure down on a pelvic floor as it squeezes like a snocone, BUT if we are accidently recruiting Rectus Abdomens, then we will feel pressure blow down on our pelvic floor. There is a very important, but fine line there!

    On your biking question – be sure you are hinging at the hips and not bending at the waist. Proper bike fit should have you rolled forward on your site bones so that your tail bone is free of all pressure. This is the same way you should squat to pick up your little one. Reach with your tail bone, keep your chest up!


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