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    Hi, Tasha,
    I injured my Achilles 8 weeks ago & in a boot for a month. Ankle PT is going well & I should be able to resume exercise cautiously soon. I have been doing women’s health PT for 10 months, your DVD since 6 wks PP & following much of your advice & the advanced workout. Still BF, but hoping to wean soon.

    I am 39, 21 months PP & my rectocele & cystocele are worse now b/c of the ankle injury. The urogyn recommended surgery for the rectocele just before I hurt my ankle. He thinks my symptoms are causing significant problems for my QOL (which is true, but what if surgery makes life worse?) His educational resume is very impressive, but I don’t know anyone who has had surgery. I’m going back for a pessary fitting, but he thinks the rectocele is too low for a pessary to help.

    Do you think I can greatly improve the rectocele? TMI but even before this ankle setback, BMs involve a lot of TP & I plan to buy a bidet! I’ve been told by a PT that rectocele improvement is hard to achieve.


    When you say that you are doing the Advanced Workout – do you mean the 7 Day Advanced Workout or just workout 4? If you are not doing the 7 Day Advanced workout, I would love to see you progress through that before you throw in the towel.
    Surgery is a very personal decision – I would like to see you exhaust every option before you go there.
    Have you been on http://www.prolapsehealth.com?
    Have you read all my blogs?
    Are you confident you are holding appropriate posture throughout your day?



    I have been reading old entries especially anything marked ‘rectocele’ since I thought no one else had the same symptom.
    My symptoms are much better except for this one: using a lot of TP and I use a bidet. It seems like Bowels do not empty because of the muscle not coordinating.
    Apart from this problem I have almost no other symptoms like no pressure, no pain.

    I drink a lot of water and take probiotics to help my digestion. Not constipated. Just the muscles not working together.


    You are significantly better, if I remember your old posts? Stay consistent with your habits and workouts, and with time hopefully you won’t have to use as much TP. Every other report sounds awesome!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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