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    Allison Rubin

    Hi Tasha!

    I’ve seen multiple doctors and 2 different pelvic floor PTs. It seems their combined opinions on whether or not I’m hypertonic are pretty split. One PT thinks I am, the other does not. I don’t seem to be making very much progress with the exercises either of them have given me, so I’d like to give Habit another shot (I did the DVD when I was very newly postpartum and felt that it did help me back then…now I’m over 2 yrs postpartum so hopefully it’s not too late). If I am in fact hypertonic, would you say that the Habit program would still be suitable for someone like me?

    Also, can you please refresh my memory on when we’re supposed to progress from each level to the next? I’ve been trying to find that info on the website and haven’t come across it.

    Thank you!


    If there is a question of hypertone, simply skip the 2 step kegels. There is enough co-contraction of your pelvic floor along with your TA, your multifidi, your adductors, and your deep hip rotators that if you already are set “tight” this is enough activation of your pelvic floor.

    I would recommend you work Brianne Grogan’s relaxation breathing and pelvic rocking after each exercise session to be sure to completely release all tension from your pelvic floor. Then simply focus on postural positioning throughout the rest of your day.

    Progression of exercise instruction can be found at:

    Questions from You to Me: Frequency of Exercises and Standing Kegels


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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