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    Hi Tasha – I believe I have a stage 2 bladder prolapse. I’ve seen several doctors who have had a hard time diagnosing this but finally was told by my midwife & a PT that they felt a minor issue w/ the anterior vaginal wall, though I have seen and felt what appears to be my bladder right near my vaginal opening at its worst. I have a 2.5 year old and an 8-month old, both vaginal births. My concern is that I’ve been doing PT, both what I was instructed at the PT’s office to start and now your dvd, for a couple of months now but am not seeing much improvement. Or I should say that I felt improvement right at the beginning of PT when just focusing on relaxation but then when adding kegels and other strengthening exercises, including your dvd, symptoms seem aggravated again. The absolute worst is during menstruation. I was told that my muscles seemed very tense at my initial appointment so I’m wondering if I should stop any strengthening for now?

    My confusion is that if my muscles are so tense, why would I be experiencing a prolapse? I’m afraid if I stop trying to exercise them, things will get worse. My main goal is to be able to go out with my children without worry, i.e. wear my baby, carry my toddler as needed, and not have to worry about worsening things to an irreparable state. My understanding is that I’m kind of on the precipice of this being something I can solve with exercise vs. surgery, and obviously want to avoid worsening it and avoid any surgical methods. I used to walk about an hour a day, during both pregnancies and while wearing my first. I’d really like to be able to have that freedom again but am afraid of worsening things… Any suggestions to get back to normal would be much appreciated!

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    You can have symptoms when you have a hypertonic pelvic floor because your muscle are on all the time… this means they are tired! It also means that tight muscles within the floor of your pelvic basket, leads to loose muscles elsewhere.

    Read through my “Pelvic Basket Muscle Spasms” topic within the Educate Yourself section. And yes, stop all Kegels because your body has a hard time letting go. I would recommend you stay with the Hab It exercises (just skip the Kegels) to continue to strengthen your TA, multifidi, hip rotators, and adductors – I guarantee some of these are lengthened and weak due to the chronic “tightness” of your pelvic floor muscles. Following each workout, follow the relaxation techniques taught by Brianne Grogran in her e-book.

    You are going to be okay – you just need to listen to and learn about your body. So far, what you have shared with me shows me that you need to find 3-5 minutes here and there throughout your day to get on your back, work some pelvic rocking with diaphragmatic breathing to ensure you are maximizing blood flow to your pelvic floor. The best place to start with this is during your menstruation – see if this technique makes a difference in your symptoms.

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