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    Hi Tasha,
    I gave birth 10 months ago and have a grade 2 cystocele, as well as mild rectocele and uterine prolapse. I have done lots of work with a women’s health physical therapist, but I’m still constantly symptomatic. I can’t even walk or stand without feeling the prolapse bulge and feel heavy. I just began your DVD but I’m wondering if/how I can ever progress with it if I always have prolapse symptoms? I sometimes wonder if I should even be doing any walking or lifting at all. I badly want to get back to running and exercising but I worry I will never get there.


    Continue with the Hab It workouts and read through the entire Educate Yourself section to gain powerful insight into posture, breathing, and other helpful hints, such as re-setting your pelvic organs with prone or hands and knees multifidi lifts throughout your day.

    You have a journey ahead of you, but no doubt, you can make progress!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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