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    Hi Tasha!
    I have been seeing a women’s health PT for my prolapse since week 7 pp. I discovered the habit dvd around 15 weeks pp. I have a grade 2 prolapse. At my last appt my PT said the Bulge I feel is tissue? Anyway, I am a former division I college runner. And would really like to get back to running. I have been very diligent on my exercises. And I even purchased a kegel toner. This is my second child and was also hoping to have a third one day. But despite all my efforts my prolapse has yet to show any improvement. I am nursing and now 20 weeks pp. do the hormones from nursing play a role in the pelvic floor weakness and is it possible I still have a lot of relaxin in my body? Is there hope that one day I will improve? I feel so discouraged that nothing has changed. When my Pt checks my pelvic floor strength it hasn’t really improved much either.
    Thank you for your help!

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    You are missing some piece of the the rehabilitation puzzle. Have your read through the entire Education section? Being a previous division I athlete you can connect with your body. We can figure this out but you have to have a deep understanding of your breathing, of your TA vs RA, of your co contraction of your pelvic floor, TA, and multifidi – no need for that toner!

    Read through the Education section – if you are comfortable, set up a Skype visit with me. We’ll figure this out.


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    Thank you so much for your response! I will read through the education again and watch the education portion. Again. My Pt felt my recruitment is good! But I don’t understand why there is no improvment. I’d love to do Skype! That would be great! I believe I just got it the Skype section to set that up?

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