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    Hi Tasha,

    I ordered the hab-it DVD and have tried to start the program several times. I suffer from rectocele and cystocele and am in my 40’s.  My problem is hemorrhoids. I know kegels are actually suppose to be good for those who suffer from hemorrhoids but for me, it causes them to flare up and become very painful. I’ve tried to tough it out and continue the exercises but always ended quitting after a few days. I’ve waited a few days letting the pain/swelling feeling subside a bit but each time it causes a flare up. I have noticed this in years past when I’ve tried to do just kegels on a regular basis. Have you ever heard of this and do you have any advice? I so badly want to consistently try the hab it program and see if I can help my other issues.


    Thank you!




    For now, just work the program without the 2 step kegels I teach if this is what flares up your symptoms.  There are several, very important muscles of your pelvic basket, including your Transversus abdominus, your adductors, your multifidi, and your hip external rotators.  Work all of these muscles through the Hab It program and you will note improvement.  Once you have established a base strength of these muscles, you may come back to the 2 step Kegel and attempt again.

    With hemorhoids it is important for you to watch your posture and be aware of any short breath holds you may perform with exercise or daily activities.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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