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    I have a question about how good (or bad) hab it is for any other type of PF dysfunction like dyssynergia? Provided a person is following good posture (hard to hold) and other habits. Is it a good idea for any person generally to do this exercises? I am asking because I know a few people who may have haemorrhoids, someone had uncooperative pelvic muscles while defecating and urination and one person has just general pelvic weakness like Incontinence with/without prolapse? Almost all I know have lower back aches. I have recommended these exercises as a first line of defense to them so I thought I would ask you as well.


    That is correct. These same exercises would be your initial line of strengthening for hip dysfunction, pelvic dysfunction, or thoracic-lumbar dysfunction. Honestly, professional athletes are now coming to these same muscle groups in their base training phase to set their foundation for an injury free season. There is no down side – it just takes focus on posture, breath, and correct muscle recruitment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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