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    Hi Tasha! I’m working my way through your videos, but the other day I was gardening and realizing I was in a kind of standing crunch “flexion” (is that right?) all the time. What would be the right way to garden when I have to bend over a lot? Is it more of bending at the hip and not the knees, should I always squat, if I squat do I always have to keep chest up? That can be hard because I can’t see what I”m doing! 🙂 Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a mild rectocele and cystocele and am looking to strengthen my pelvic floor and learn proper sitting, standing, lifting, etc. so I don’t worsen it. Your website and DVD are godsends because every PT place around me has a 4-7 month wait for Pelvic PT! Thank you!

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    Hands and knees while gardening is a must. Best position – consider it an exercise – because tail bone can be lifted slightly and TA drawn up and in. Also think of the tricep work on the one weight bearing arm – keep a slight bend in your elbow, focusing on your shoulder blade being set down and in.


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    Wow. So funny I never even thought of that as an option! Glad I asked. Grabbing some kneepads tomorrow though! Lol. Thank you!

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