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    I have been diagnosed with full levator avulsion. Is there any value in doing your program if these pelvic floor muscles are gone?

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    Yes Mary –
    The beauty of muscle tears are that they don’t just flop in the wind, they scar down. And with that scarring and healing, we have to see how much of a contraction we can get before we totally give up on them.

    There is so much you can learn from the Hab It dvd and Education section from pressure distribution control, to breathing techniques, to posture, to strengthening the many other muscles that help support your pelic basket beyond just your levator.

    Even if surgery is your eventual path – you need all of these techniques to support the repair.

    My best advice is to start reading and incorporating some of the healthy habits you will learn about and when you are ready, begin the exercise program to set your base and see how your body responds!


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