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    Hi Tasha! I’m dealing with an uncomfortable rectocele. I’m not sure if there is more going on down there or to what extent (my OB told me it was “normal” and that she’s “seen worse”, so I’ve been left to figure it out on my own. Luckily my sister is a Labor and Delivery nurse.). I’m not leaking or dealing with incontinence/problems pooing, but I can feel it bulging into/through my vagina and it’s really uncomfortable. I have the Hab-it DVD and have started working through it. I’ve read your suggestions for working out, but I’m getting a little concerned that I’ll never have my pre-baby body back (My daughter was born this past May, 4 months ago). I’ve always been a fan of DVDs I can do at home, and I’d like to do the new Jillian Michaels workout. Of course, it involves a lot of plyometrics and crunches, and the like. I know you suggest swimming and walking, but I don’t swim, and I’m afraid walking isn’t going to do the job.

    Do you have any experience/thoughts about the sea pearl sponges? Would something like that provide enough support that I could do more high intensity workouts with jumping without making my prolapse worse? It’s not intolerable now, but I certainly don’t want it to get worse.

    I’m frustrated with my current limitations, and I’m depressed with my post pregnancy body. I’m the most motivated I’ve been in my entire life to work out hard, and I feel like I can’t take advantage of that.

    Any suggestions??

    Tasha Mulligan

    No reason why you can’t get the body back that you want. However, recognize that your body/pelvic basket is compromised, so you will be you own best coach on exercises that are big no-no’s. Fore example – any crunches or sit ups are not recommended because of the downward pressure you place on your pelvic floor. You can also work your way back to plyometric and agility workouts but you have to build a strong base. You can build this base, strengthening from the inside out through the Hab It dvd and progression to the Advanced program.

    You will learn alot from the advanced workout such as how you can really strengthen and challenge your body without increasing pressure down on your pelvic floor. This extension biased workout will give you a lean, strong middle, great body balance, and reinforced postural positioning. It is my recommendation for you not to rush! Be sure to work your way through appropriate strengthening steps so that as you move on into more advanced plyo and agility workouts you have complete core control and are able to distribute pressure up under your ribs rather than down on your pelvic floor.

    Finally, if you like dvd workouts, I encourage you to listen to your body. I am not familiar with Jillian’s workout but another body weight/body balance workout, Insanity, is one I am familiar with. Just like in any program, I am very selective as to which exercises I decide won”t compromise my pelvic floor. I do that by trying them all. There are a alot of excellent exercises on the Insanity dvd, but some that put me in too much flexion and significantly increased the pressure on my pelvic floor. For these exercises, I simply substitute another exercise working the same muscle group.

    In order to move on to the level of activity you would like, you have to know your body and feel how different exercises effect you. If you can do this, you will be good!



    Thanks for your quick response! If I’m to be completely honest, even walking sometimes makes “the bulge” worse, although it really varies from day to day. Does that mean I shouldn’t even do that? Or is walking still ok? It’s good to know that I’ll eventually be able to get back into the activities I want to participate in, but giving it time will be difficult. I’m so eager for a good workout, and my mummy tummy is really depressing. 🙁

    I know that your best advice will be to listen to my body, but I do better when I have a plan of attack, so I’ll ask anyway. 🙂 If I do the Hab-it DVD 3x/week for 4-6 weeks and follow that with the Advanced program, should I be ready to undertake something more intense (Insanity, Jillian Michaels, etc.) at that point? Is it in my best interest to ONLY do the Hab-it DVD during this time? Or can/should I walk in conjunction? Thank you so much for your help – it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

    Tasha Mulligan

    Kathryn, if you are symptomatic with walking, it doesn’t mean you should stop walking, however, it does mean that you need to build your base. This means a focus on your TA, your multifidi, and your pelvic floor. You need a solid co-contraction of these three muscles without interference from your rectus abdominus. Beyond that, how strong are your adductors? Can you sit for an hour with your knees together without crossing your legs? How about your hip strength? All of these muscles play a big role in you remaining symptomatic as you work toward your goal of returning to high level activities.

    How about this for a plan? I would recommend that you throw yourself into understanding your body! You can accomplish this throughout workouts and reading – read through all of my blogs on posture, workouts, and walking – “Work Extension While You Walk”. Your understanding of your posture and the muscles you need to strengthen to give maximum support to your three pelvic organs is very important. Since you have a goal of return to high level workouts I would start you working through atleast one workout from the Hab It dvd every day. I would also recommend that you walk every other day. Think of your posture while you walk. Can you keep your chest up and hold your TA up and in while walking. Learn to breath with chest expansion while walking. Change it up with alot of backward walking to engage your multifidi and glutes. Work some side step for a block or two to engage your hips. And be sure you read enough that you UNDERSTAND why backward and side step walking can be so important to engage muscle for pelvic support.

    Work through Hab It consistently and your walking (other cardio activities are great too – I also have a specific blog on this!) for 4 – 6 weeks. Beyond that I would recommend that you begin the Advanced Program and begin to increase the length of your cardio workouts. After 4-6 weeks of consistent, daily work through the Advanced Program, you can progress to more intense workouts like your dvds.



    That is IMMENSELY helpful! Thank you!!

    Gina Camp

    I have a mild bladder prolapse (cystocele) would like to exercise but don’t know what I can do was doing jillian Michaels yoga meltdown. I had a baby last December and starting exercising and shortly thereafter started having trouble emptying my bladder which also progressed into me having trouble starting to urinate at times not be ample too start the flow to go I had been doin kegals which helped to a degree then one morning I woke up in pain unable tho pass any urine at all went to er they told me everything seemed to look ok told me to continue with the kegals did a follow up with my obgyn and he has referred me to a urogynocoligyst who can’t see me til October 6th I’m gaining weight back that I had lost and need some exercise tips as to what I can do to help make this better aswell as lose the weight.


    Have you purchased the Hab It dvd? That is designed for women like you, providing education on your anatomy and posture and then providing 4 separate workouts that will benefit you by teaching you how to recruit and engage all the muscles of your pelvic basket.

    You also need to start reading through the Educate Yourself section. All of it!

    This is a process – only you can take charge of your body and work through it!


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