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    I have a bladder and rectal prolapse and my uterus has dropped too. The bladder bulge is visible at the entrance to the vagina and sometimes comes out further.I did start the exercise programme but a few days ago I had a pessary fitted, which has provided some relief. Am I able to continue with the excercises and will they still be effective or will I need to do something else to strengthen my muscles. I really don’t want surgery or end up with this pessary for years. I would so appreciate any advice you can give me on pessary, prolapse and exercise.

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    It would be wonderful if you can be trained to take your pessary out and put it back in. This would allow you to put the pessary in when you may have a long day ahead of you on your feet, but to take it out when you want to exercise. The reason I would love it out when you exercise is because of the cross fiber pressure the pessary can put on your vaginal canal. It can inhibit muscle firing, so I would prefer for it to be out while exercising. With this you will be able to feel the pressure lift with your muscle co-contraction – with the pessary in, this will be hard to feel.

    That being said, you can proceed to exercise with the pessary in until you estabilish and appointment with your provider that will allow you to gain confidence taking it out and putting it back in.


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