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    Hi Tasha,

    First off, thank you for giving so much positivity and hope to all of us. When I was postpartum with my first, it was a very difficult time dealing with the symptoms of prolapse and I definitely felt hopeless and depressed but reading your blogs gave me so much hope and motivation. Now that I am 2 years postpartum and feeling so much better! To all women going through this postpartum, please know that it DOES get better with time!

    Ok so here is my question:

    My husband and I are trying for our second child but I had a very traumatic delivery the first time around so I am still a bit terrified of the birthing process. I did it naturally without epidural the last time but thinking of whether I should opt for epidural for my second. My thought is that an epidural will help decrease the pain and therefore, help the pelvic floor relax any tension so that I can have another vaginal birth but not sure if that is correct. Is there any evidence that epidurals can help prevent prolapse? or does it make it worse? Assuming I can somehow train my pelvic floor to relax effectively while I birth and let the uterus do its own thing, would it be better to avoid the epidural all together? Also, I have read that side-lying and all-fours is better for birthing to avoid prolapse, but how do you do side-lying (with or without an epidural). Would someone need to hold up your leg? or can you prop it somewhere?

    Thanks in advance for your time and always thoughtful responses!


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    Funny, I went the opposite way – away from the epidural after my first delivery because I wanted to feel my body more. I honestly don’t know that we really have control of where our babies arms and legs go when they are transitioning through the birth canal. A little arm catching can be the difference between a prolapse or no prolapse and I don’t believe an epidural has anything to do with that.

    As far as birthing position – if I had to do it all over again, I may choose a water birth, but then again, I don’t know that that is offered at all hospitals. This birthing environment would allow your body to move, the tissues to be relaxed by the water, etc. Honestly, my last delivery, I was seated on a swiss ball in neutral spine (this was a relaxing comfortable choice for me) up until delivery. I literally delivered within 30 seconds of transitioning from the ball to table. My doc transitioned me up with the table dropping off right at my SI joint (feet in stirrups) so my tailbone was allowed to extend a bit – it wasn’t held flexed against the table. This was right for my body – but delivery position has to be your own choice. I don’t visualize side lying being a great position because of what you are saying about your top leg. Talk to your doc about your thoughts and see what they can offer as well in the delivery room.


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