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    Elle Pea

    Tasha thank you so much for everything you do, all of the information you provide, and all of the guidance you support us with. I have been doing the habit video for 12 weeks. Today I realized I might be missing a key point. Here’s my question: when you say activate or engage or lift the pelvic floor does that mean we should be doing a kegel?

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    Elle Pea

    Hi again Tasha. I wanted to give you a bit more background information. My gynecologist diagnosed me with a mild cystocele 12 weeks ago. My symptoms were heaviness and the bulge. She told me to continue Hab.it ( I had started about 2 weeks earlier) and put me on Estrace (estrogen cream). I am 64, 125 lbs and my daily exercise prior to the diagnosis was Tai Chi, Qi Gong and a 1-2 mile walk. On weekends I’d do gentle yoga. I am (well, let’s say “was” as I am seeing improvement!) apple shaped with bad posture, weak abdominals and large breasts. I did Hab.It 3x a week for 6 weeks and really felt improvement. I was doing workouts 1-3. Then I had a setback after 2 days of spring gardening. The bulge became more pronounced. Meanwhile I had stopped the Estrace after 2 weeks because of the side effects of cramping. I then decided to do Hab-It daily, read, read, read on your website and try and focus on my posture more. I definitely was improving. Going hours and hours with no feeling of bulge. I kept thinking it was time for me to post an encouragement post on the website! Then 2 weeks ago we took a 4 hour driving trip (each way) and I did a lot more walking (probably 4 miles the 1st day) and my diet was different fewer vegetables more bread. The bulge started to reappear much more throughout the day. Since then I haven’t been able to get back to where I was. I am trying to isolate what has worked for me and what might not be working. Things that have really helped me are first and foremost of course your dvd. I love love love workout 3. In workouts 1&2 I sometimes feel the bulge more when I am on my hands and knees. I am trying to move on to workout 4 but yesterday when I did the plank I felt the bulge reappear. I had my husband check my position to make sure I was doing it right. That was what prompted me to think that perhaps I should be doing a slight kegel when I am in the plank, and for that matter whenever we’re supposed to engage, lift, or activate the pelvic floor. I think my weak link is my TA and I understand I really need to move on to the advanced dvd so I can strengthen more, but am concerned I need more work on my TAs first. (Also I have a shoulder issue) Other things that have helped me are lying down for 5 minute breaks on my stomach, the Desoto shorts, Brianne’s relaxation exercises, Vidymala Burch’s 3 diaphragm meditation, Louise Hay’s positive affirmations, I am now trying a new topical cream Julva, and am seeing if a gluten free diet helps. I am determined to keep healing!

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