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    Hi Tasha,
    I have had four healthy vaginal delivery pregnancies, and I have been doing your DVD four times weekly for five weeks. I love your manner and positivity. I have done Kegels for years, and have always felt very strong. As with any exercise I think you can always improve. I ordered the DVD because after my fourth pregnancy I noticed a small soft bulge of tissue on my anterior vaginal wall. I also began to have bladder urgency symptoms, with sometimes very little urine. Sex began to get difficult and painful, and my orgasms became very weak. I spoke with my OB and he told me that I had a prolapse and should have a hysterectomy. After initially feeling shocked, I decided to get a second opinion. This time they did an ultrasound that showed that my Uterus was elongated and was 12x4x6cm, my youngest child was two at the time. This doctor checked for a prolapse and said that I didn’t have one. He said that an elongated uterus was likely causing bladder urgency, and that I should “go” more often. I am feeling better with your DVD, but after exercising I find that I feel the urge to urinate every half hour. It subsides by the next day. After feeling very frustrated with two different opinions of whats going on, I hope I’m doing the right thing. I guess my real question is, do you think that these exercises will help contract the elongated uterus? Do you think that the elongated uterus could be putting pressure on my bladder and that is making it feel like a bulge in vaginal canal. Thank you so much.

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    Likely the bulge you feel is your bladder that is pressing slightly on your vaginal canal. Is this due to an “elongated uterus” or is it due to a change in structural support for your bladder? That I am not sure, but what I do know is that for all of us women, we need to focus on what we can control – and that is our posture, our habits, and our muscular strength.

    The recommendation of a hysterectomy with the symptoms you describe and no attempt at rehab is irresponsible. On the other hand, to tell you that you have no prolapse after the symptoms you report AND to tell you to “go” more often is also a head scratcher!!!

    I don’t pretend to have every answer, but the one thing I do believe is that you owe it to yourself to try rehab. It’s non- invasive, there are no side effects, and its good for you to learn more about your body even if surgery is your choice in the end. That being said, I want you to read through my blog entries. All of them – go through the archives. The first one I want you to start with is “Maximizing Blood Flow”. This blog talks about the important of relaxing your pelvic floor. Your description of a sense of urgency after doing the exercises, pain with intercourse and diminished orgasms, all point to muscles that aren’t letting go. You have decreases blood flow to muscles that are always on and you NEED blood flow to have strong functional muscles within your pelvic basket. Within this blog I review Brianne Grogan’s Ebook that has a relaxation section that I love. It would be worth it for you to work this relaxation technique that includes diaphragmatic breathing with pelvic rocking every night and after every workout.

    Give this a try and get back to us with your progress.


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