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    Hi Tasha,
    I have been doing my Hab it and also started my PT and it has helped significantly.
    I have questions,
    Will I need to see a PT all my life? She uses manual releasing techniques vaginally and says I have very tense and tight muscles hence all my bowel and urine retention problem.

    Second question is,
    Since last three days I have very mild tension/spasm near my vagina more towards my rectum and towards the left side.
    I can’t pin point what caused this, and I have no other words to describe this other than burn,pain, tightness,spasm in such a sequence. I know it’s not infection or anything. I can’t seem to make it relax.
    I am trying to get another appointment with my PT but she is booked till 20 days. I am still doing Hab it minus the kegels.
    What else can I do?

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    I would suggest buying a pelviwand and doing your own internal release. Also, sitting on/rolling a ball in between your sitz bones (over the soft tissue area near rectum) can help release the muscles. Lastly, try stretching, doing a happy baby pose (try googling this). Also, try to relax your pelvic floor through deep breathing and meditation. Take some time to really connect with your body, relax and let go of tension.

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