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    My gyn believe that I have IC, but I strongly beg to differ because of my symptoms:

    Constant pressure in front lower abdomen
    Slight pressure on stomach causes intense urge to urinate
    When stretching feels like strain in middle abdomen
    Weak stream while urinating
    Bulge in the vagina, worse while sqauting/standing
    Falling out sensation when urinating
    Pain during sex
    Not feeling completely empty
    When sitting feels like bladding is being squished
    Worse when I lay on my back
    Worse during period
    Frequent infectionss
    Hurts to cough
    Difficult bowel movements
    Constant for 3 years and getting worse
    Holding a kegel makes it feel completely better

    Am I crazy? or has she misdiagnosed me…

    Tasha Mulligan

    It is not my position to diagnose without a hands on evaluation. Many of your symptoms follow the symptoms of a bladder prolapse, but many others sound like scar tissue that is limiting normal tissue glide and movement., Have you had a c-section or abdominal/pelvic surgery? I would highly recommend you look for a women’s health physical therapist in your area who can further evaluate you and direct your course of treatment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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