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    Hi Tasha!
    First of all, thank you for the work you do on this site and a DVD to have in our homes. I have found the most encouragement here and have spent many hours on this site. I am a 35 year old mom who delivered baby number 6, three months ago. Oh if I only would’ve known prolapse was possible in my 30’s! I guess I just expected problems later in life since women around me have had surgeries and I have 6 babies, but not in my 30’s. I have read though the educate yourself section and many, many of the Ask Tasha questions and I am still feeling very discouraged! I have been implementing the posture for a few weeks, but feel so awkward and rigid and most of my day is spent on the floor with kids or nursing, trying to improve my diet, and exercising 2-3 times per day 7 days per week between your DVD and physical therapy exercises for the past 6 weeks. I have a grade 2 cystocele and grade 1 rectocele and now that I know what a prolapse is, I realize I have probably had some form since my 3rd child 10 years ago, but I was probably asymptomatic. I desperately look for success stories but find very few and none that mention having more than 3 children. Even if I am ever asymptomatic, it will still bother me that I have a bulge. I am 12 weeks postpartum and feel if I do improve it will take a long time. I am still avoiding running errands with my little ones for fear of lifting groceries or babies and carseats that are too heavy. Sitting around a campfire, squatting to pick up things around the house and just everyday duties feel exhausting. I just can’t see myself living like this 2 years from now or for the rest of my life! I just want to play volleyball and baseball with my kids again and pick up my toddler and slouch when I nurse instead of feeling guilty for having bad posture, that will extend a possible recovery time even further. I also have asthma which involves coughing. I am feeling more and more like after 6 kids and 10 or more years of prolapse, I have no choice but surgery especially since I am continually told, “well, you did have six pregnancies”. I am 5’3″, 128 lbs (140 lbs at my heaviest), not including my pregnancies. I have never had a consistent exercise program and certainly never athletic. My physical therapist is very positive but younger than me with only a few years experience. I am also having pelvic muscle spasms so am no longer doing any kegels. I guess I am just looking for any hope that it is possible to recover without surgery for someone with so many pregnancies and within a reasonable time frame. Being told it will get better just doesn’t reassure me that I will. I want to be realistic about my future. Many of the people around me think surgery is the best option. I apologize for the negativity and I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my message as I’m sure you are very, very busy!


    i have read about hypopressives..from this forum…maybe check that out


    I like that you have read through the Educate Yourself section – that’s fantastic, but put it to work. You sound defeated before I have even heard about what you are doing to get your whole body in better shape. Get on a bike if walking doesn’t feel good right now. How bout the kick board in the pool? Be sure you are able to fully relax your pelvic floor when lying on your back during those moments you are on the floor with your kids- especially if you have a tendency toward spasms. Then “re-set” your pelvic floor with some multifidi lifts in prone or hands and knees.

    Posture is a conscious positioning – knees unlocked/tail bone lifted/chest up. Breathing with chest elevation and expansion shouldn’t make you feel robotic but proud and strong and make you more conscious of your TA, gluten, pushing off your big toe when you walk. Just overall very strong.

    I think maybe you have been so hyper focused on just your pelvic floor and some of the other muscles of your pelvic basket, but what about whole body conditioning? You talk of fear – it will only hold you back. Try some things, then get on your stomach to re-set if you feel more symptomatic.

    Take a look at the Hab It Cardio program – may be a nice progression/challenge for you to begin to feel your body get strong and active again without fear!

    Lets think whole body health!



    Hi Christina, I was just going to write a success story on here when I happened to come across your post! I am a mom of 6, grade 1 cystocele and grade 2 rectocele. I could have written your post, we have so much in common (5’3, 120lds). I am now 7.5 months pp. I have been doing Tasha’s program from the beginning. I have worked through the hab-it video, advanced program, cardio program and getting ready to start the Plyometric program. I am now currently 99% symptom free! I wish I would have kept a journal of my journey, but if I remember right, month three I was definitely still experiencing symptoms. When I hit month 4 pp I had a big improvement which also correlated to starting my cycle (except for the 3 days before my cycle). I have yet to have another period as I am exclusively breastfeeding. Each month I’ve had subtle improvement in my symptoms to where I am now pretty much symptom free. Because of this program, I have grained so much body strength, confidence, and hope that I can manage this without surgery. Changing my posture, swimming, walking, implementing everything I can learn here under the education section has made a HUGE difference. Where I was at at 3 months is completely different from where I am at now! There is hope. Keep going! Yes, moms with six kiddos can have success, I am proof.

    Tasha, I can’t thank you enough for all you do! You are one of my heroes.



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