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    Hello Tasha,

    I purchased your DVD on March 15 because of T.A. weakness: I’m 61; have never had prolapse; have never been pregnant; am not overweight; but have had a lower belly pooch for years, as well as a swayback and problems with lower back on & off for years.  A C-section hysterectemy in 1995 made the lower belly pooch worse, but it was there before.  Many abs exercises bother my lower back (have had a chronic issue with it).  In searching Amazon I found your DVD and love it.  It has been helping the T.A. and lower belly pooch.

    I just purchased the Advanced Program and did Day 1 today.  After completing the exercises, my lower back is a little bit sore.  I believe the roll-out on the Swiss ball was the culprit as plank exercises can be hard for me.  I did well with the Squat and other exercises — I did about 6 reps of each exercise and did between 1 to 3 sets of each, depending on how I felt, because I didn’t want to overdo and plan to build up as I go along.

    However, the lower back bit of soreness has me worried.  I’m contacting you as advised on the Advanced Program, in case you can recommend exercises that will help me build up to plank exercises, and/or other exercises for the T.A. that don’t stress the lower back and in fact can strengthen it.

    With many thanks.  Your work is brilliant!





    You are on the right track.  Don’t abandon your progress.  I like your approach of starting with 6 reps to allow your body to adjust to the increased challenge.  Make another accommodation to build up to these exercises.  On swiss ball roll out, start with the ball at your thighs or knees.  Also on plank exercises coming up on subsequent workout days, go ahead and perform the hip extension or knee drive rotation planks with your hands on the second or third stair.  Once you can perform three sets of 10 without low back pain, then lower down one stair.

    This slower progression is a smart way to ease your way into a stronger, more stabile back!  I am glad you found us!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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