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    Hi, I am on session 2 of the Habit workouts for pelvic floor d/t a bladder prolapse, grade 2 following the birth of our 3rd child in May. I also have the diastisis recti. IT’s a 3 finger gap now. I’ve had this since our 1st baby, a large baby 9lb, 14oz. spring 2016 I had a hernia repair to this area. Are there any exercises that you would recommend specifically for this? In addition to the pelvic floor dvds I am also doing the cardio intervals from this website. Any input you have would be really appreciated. Thank you.
    (Thank you also for creating this website and dvds, they are all really helpful and well done.)

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    The best treatment for your diastasis is your daily posture throughout all your sitting and standing hours. Your TA is the only muscle that holds the ability to help close your 3 finger gap. So sitting and standing in neutral spine with a slight drawn tension in your TA with tail bone lifted/chest up positioning should be your focus.

    Be sure to master pressure distribution with chest elevation and expansion. You can review hypopressive breathing for an extreme example of the pressure re-distribution. This technique can be a great learning tool as an exercise, but throughout your day, simply chest breathing vs diaphragmatic breathing is key.

    Also, be sure your planks are with your hands on the 3rd stair to decrease the pull of gravity on your abdomen and the diastasis. I know this is how they are taught on the Cardio workouts so this is a great one for you to follow.

    Day by day, month by month consistency with this and you will begin to see changes. Its slow, but it will happen!


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    Rebecca swanson

    Thank you so much. This is really helpful. I appreciate you sharing all the detail in your reply. This really helps me understand this process. Thank you. 😊

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