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    Hello from Greece!
    I’m 39years old and the last 10years i suffer from stress incontinence. I firstly notice leaks during aerobic(at the gym) and later when i laugh,sneeze, cough and also while i’m just sitting at a desk even when i’m sleeping at night…I have never been pregnant but i was always overweight(45 pounds more)
    Just before 3 years i found out about kegel exercises which helps me a lot when i exercise daily and since February i’m practicing your hab-it DVD(2 workouts daily) and now i don’t have leakage anymore while i’m sitting and sleeping and most of the times neither when i sneeze or cough. But still i’m not feeling 100% strong, especially after an accident i had before some weeks during sex(at my first sexual contact after many years)
    My questions: Is there any possibility to minimize or to stop my symptoms or is this the most my body can strength??
    Any advise so i don’t have accidents during sex? All of you women who have my symptoms what are you doing during sex? I don’t want to be alone at the rest of my life.

    * I’m following all your advises about good posture, loose weight( i lost 30pounds), stop smoking, do swimming, also i stop aerobic class and i start pilates… Do you think it’s a good time to start the “7 Day Advanced Stabilization Program” ?

    Sorry for my English… i hope you understand ….

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    I would recommend your next program be the Hab It Cardio. Its a better progression of plank exercises which I think will be good for you.

    I want you to think of two things. One, do you feel your pelvic floor lift with each exercise? And two, are you open to using a vibrator? Your anxiety during sex may be eased by having more frequent orgams so you get to see how your body responds. More practice is never a bad thing 🙂


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