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    Hi Tasha, just wanted to stop in and update you. Unfortunately my stubborn cystocele is still bulging out about the size of a small apricot. In the morning it’s not too bad but by afternoon it’s very uncomfortable. I decided I wanted to see a urogyn and she told me that I actually have a uterine/apical prolapse as well. Maybe this is why my cystocele seems so much lower than it used to. Anyway, she told me to stick with physical therapy and to keep riding (she did say it’s hard on the pelvic floor but that I should do what I enjoy) and she told me that there’s no doubt I’ll need surgery. She said I could do a “temporary repair” now and then a more permanent one when I was finished having kids. I am 29 and I really don’t want this. On days where I’m busy with the horses and my little guy I have been using a sponge or a ring pessary in the afternoons. I do Hab-it in the mornings. Each day that goes by where my bulge doesn’t lift I feel a little more defeated at my progress though. I’ve even tried to carry my son as little as possible now, only lifting him to the stroller, high chair and car seat. My questions to you are:
    -how long did it take you to get your bulge to lift? Also, mine is so big that I fear the vaginal tissue is too stretched for it to really lift at all.
    -since my cystocele went from a stage 2 to a stage 3 in the last few months do you think it’s worth me still trying to rehab it?
    – I am torn on if I should be using the sponge or pessary later in the day when my prolapse is at it’s worst. The reason I started was because my bulge would get so heavy and uncomfortable that I started to fear that I was doing irreversible damage and that my bladder would literally fall out of me. In the mornings I can do a kegel and draw by bulge up above the vaginal opening, but by afternoon I can’t get it to budge. In your opinion should I still try to avoid using anything like that for support?

    Thanks again for your DVD and all of your help. I am still staying active and trying to believe I can heal this!!

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    Great Amanda,
    Document your activity, your diet, and specifically what exercises make you feel better on those good days. Sometimes looking back over our own journal can help us to recognize the things we are doing prior to good days as well as the possible stimulus for those bad days. Don’t forget to record where you are in your cycle as well.


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    Hi Amanda,

    I also have a stage III cystocele and trying my best to stay positive (mostly for my 6 month old baby girl). I have been doing PT for several months and also get this feeling of “Is this a waste of my time? Is the cystocele too bad to reverse to the point that I don’t feel symptoms?” But then I think about how much better I feel (even if just emotionally) after leaving PT or doing the Hab It exercises. I might resort to surgery someday, but I will never abandon my pelvic floor exercises. I figure I will do everything possible to avoid or postpone a repair and then if I need one someday I will have all of the knowledge and exercises to help keeping the repair from failing. I’m just curious, did you have a traumatic delivery? I did and have blamed the prolapse on the forceps, but I also have a coworker in her 20’s that is suffering postpartum prolapse after an intervention-free birth. Also, do you like the sea sponges and did you order the ones for prolapse or just the tampons? I’m thinking about trying them. I have tried a pessary, but it had to come out for PT and I hated taking it out. So, now I’m using a diaphragm instead but I don’t think it always stays where it is supposed to.

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    Amanda/Kelly- I’m as this post is older I’m not sure if you still look at it, but I’d love to hear how your progress is. I feel like I’m in a similar condition to you both. I have a cystocele and a rectocele. After a week of alternating between exercise 1 and 2 I’ve seen significant (in my opinion significant, my cystocele is no longer protruding out the opening) but slight worsening of my rectocele (prior to this I knew it was there but felt no symptoms). I wish to avoid surgery at all costs so am very commuted to making this work and I would love to hear any encouraging words or tips that you found worked for you as far as emilinating/reducing the kegel portion of the exercises.
    Thank you again Tasha for creating this workout and giving hope to us facing this problem

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    Hi Meghan
    I have noticed the same things. I only noticed my bladder prolapse in mid June. I researched in order to be proactive right away. I did not have any symptoms or awareness of my rectocele until I started the workouts with kegels. Now, I am mostly bothered by the rectocele, and barely even feel or have any of the urinary symptoms from the cystocele that was causing me all the discomfort. I plan to keep doing the exercises and eliminate any kegels and hope that the rectocele calms back down. I’ll let you know. I am very active and would have to agree with Tasha about moving. The more active I am, the better I feel. Maybe it is mental, but whatever works!

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    I can’t thank you enough for responding. My husband is in the military and we’re on an overseas assignment. I have no access to specialist medical care and no one I feel comfortable discussing this with. I was just starting to see improvement in my cystocele and now the rectocele is bothering me.

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    Has it calmed back down? I tried just doing the kegels on alternate days, but on days I do them I definitely feel the rectocele. A little disheartened because I never felt it prior. Like you just feel better when active and when doing the hab-it dvd, even if it is just mental.

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    My rectocele has definielty calmed down. It really hasn’t bothered me anymore (at least over over the last few days since I stopped kegels). I am just back to only feeling the cystocele bulge, but even that is only sometimes. It seems that we are having similar reactions regarding the rectocele. I definielty feel less of the bulge as I do more….just no kegels for me right now. If my rectocele symptoms stay away, I will guess that the kegels were causing them. Maybe in a few weeks I will try again and see what happens. I will let you know then 🙂

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    Thanks. I’m glad your cystocele is improving despite stopping the kegels! That gives me hope. Right now mine is only really bothersome when my bladder is full (reasonable I guess?) this whole situation is just so frustrating.

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    Are you able to get on your hands and knees and perform some multifidi lifts to “re-set” during your day? Getting your bulge above the vaginal opening is key to allowing the muscles to work. Narrowing down which work activities increase your symptoms the most will help us to try to brainstorm more supportive positioning for you. If your work consistently has your prolapse beyond your vaginal opening by the end of the day, then I would recommend the use of a sea sponge or pessary.

    Your best method for lifting your toddler or saddle or anything of weight is to squat down with a wide leg squat or lunge and breathe out as you stand and lift your little guy or saddle up. Absolutely do not allow yourself to lose your lumbar curve (keep your tail bone lifted) and absolutely DO NOT hold your breath or not even for a second!

    Hope that helps!


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    I know these are old posts but I just wondered how you are getting on Amanda/ anyone else. My cystocele has improved since first diagnosed at 3 weeks PP, now 6 months PP. Unfortunately my rectocele has worsened. I have been doing Hab-it and PT. I too noticed that kegels made my rectocele more sensitive, maybe not worse in terms of size but verging on painful.
    I have started horse riding again but I think that is making my rectocele worse. The first time I used nothing in terms of support and things weren’t good after (rectocele looked noticeably busier and I suffered with discomfort for over a week) the second time I used contam, which seemed to help but having used it again today I don’t feel that it gave enough support, thinks look bigger tonight. I’m going to try a sea sponge next. I would be very keen to know how are you getting on Amanda with horse riding?

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