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    Hi! I had a stage 2 rectocele but saw huge improvement. Now I’m 6 months pregnant with baby 2. I was doing great and then of course got the worst upper respiratory infection. I’ve had an awful cough and noticed symptoms are a lot
    Worse. Ugh!! Help! Is this permanent?! I try to activate my pelvic floor and Ta when I cough. But no help. Any other advice for coughing?!

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    Hi Kylee, I can relate to your coughing issues as I also have come down with a cold. Tasha did a great blog post on How to Best Handle a Cough, you can read it at: How to best handle a cough or a sneeze. I hope you are feeling better soon. And, no it is not permanent. If you keep doing the exercises things should improve again.
    Good luck

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    Thank you Nancy!! I wish I would have read this article two weeks ago! Locking legs with toes out is helpful. Ughhhh hopefully I can get it back to where it was before the cold with exercise. So frustrating!

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