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    Tasha, I have been doing the jab it exercises for 3 months now and love them. I hike and bike ride as well. As far as hiking I am concentrating on keeping my spine in neutral position and do push off with my big toes.. I had always heard to land on the heel of my foot and roll forward. Is this correct? Thanks so much for all your information. You have given so much hope to us.

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    The harder your land on your heel, the more vertical force directly down on your pelvic floor you will have. Pushing off your big toe gives your body a slight forward lean that changes the “plum line” of force to be more anterior over your pubic bone and less on the vulnerable soft tissue of your pelvic floor.

    It is for this reason that I like running shoes versus flats. Not only do they have more cushion in the heel but a running shoe is wedged, allowing an easier transition forward onto the ball of your foot.

    So, I would recommend more of a mid foot strike, which has heel contact but not solely the heel, more of the area from your outside heel to your midfoot contacting the ground together. Then your body weight is absorbed through your arch, transitioning diagonally to your first two toes for push off. That is optimal mechanics.

    This is tough to achieve on the descent of a hike, so I teach controlled descent where you use your quads, glutes, and hamstrings to lower your weight with control vs a rapid drop.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Thanks again for your help. I will concentrate on the specifics you mentioned!

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