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    Im confused about kegels.
    My physio says im cheating when I sctivate my pelvic floor… I use my glutes and abs to draw up. She says you shouldn’t see any movement from the outside. So I have been working to isolate the muscles. I notice when I contract my pelvis moves up or my lower back flattens. I notice the muscle between my pubic bone and belly button tightens.
    Could you describe what you should and shouldn’t be able to feel? Im really struggling just getting the basics right


    I would agree that your pelvic should not move. Read through my “Pelvic Basket Muscles” topic in the Education section to get a solid visual of how your multifidi must hold your tail bone in slight extension as you tighten and lift your pelvic floor. The tail bone is an anchor the pelvic floor has to pull on (along with the pubic bone) to draw up and tight like a trampoline that is drawn tight vs saggy.

    You will have a co-contraction of your TA drawing your belly button up and in because you can’t and should not separate the co-contraction of your TA and Pelvic floor (and multifid), but your TA cinches around your midsection and should not involve any movement of your pelvis.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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