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    Hi Tasha,
    I’ve been reading your blog and ask Tasha forum like crazy the last few weeks. I’m 41, have four children the youngest being thirteen. I’ve lead a very active life growing up on a farm and now farming myself. So, lots of heavy lifting, etc. I’ve also been doing p90x3 with my husband all winter and feeling the best ever… Until three weeks ago when I felt something shift in my pelvic floor. I immediately felt a weakness and slight bulge that I hadn’t felt before, like a tampon falling out. Lifting anything and even walking made it feel worse!

    I just saw a physician who examined me lying down and said there’s nothing out of place. Slight bulge from the rectal side but not from the bladder (which is where it feels like it changed). He referred me to a PT who specializes in pelvic floor health. She also said there is not much going on, MAYBE a grade 1 cystocele. So no prolapse. I have good strength on a kegal but no endurance. She’s optimistic that she can help me and I’ll be as good as new in a few weeks.

    It is just so frustrating to now even be able to cook or grocery shop without feeling like my bottom is falling out. What the heck happened to my strength? And how can my organs still be in place without any support?

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    I am glad you found us! Did you know that some Women’s Health specialists say that EVERY woman will experience some type of pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime. The good news is that your pelvis does not just have your bowel, bladder, and uterus floating around supported only by muscles and ligaments. There is also the spider web of connective tissue in our highly vascular pelvis that helps to cradle and support our organs. The better our posture, the more supportive the spider web of connective tissue will be. And just the opposite is true. If we sit and stand all day in a flexed posture and bear down with a short breath with every heavy lift, push or pull, then our organs will slowly descend through this web to sit lower near our vaginal opening.

    Never fear though – because of the high vascularity, our bodies, especially our pelvic area is constantly remodeling. So let all your Hab its and exercises be directd to better support your pelvic organs and you will give a slight lift to your bladder that is giving you that “tampon falling out” feeling.

    Glad you are reading – keep it up!


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