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    Hi Tasha,
    I was curious to hear your opinion on combining treatment for a bladder prolapse.

    I have a grade two cystocele and saw my pf physiotherapist a few times. I tried osteo once and felt amazing after. I was able to urinate better and i felt normal again. I saw my physio two days later and she saw an improvement (my grade 2 became a 1.5). During this physio session, she stretched my pf (i am hypertonic) and had me do kegels (my kegels are very weak). The next morning, my prolapse dropped back to where it was. I was so disappointed. So, i am wondering, is osteo worth it or did the physio session “undo” the improvement i felt?

    Thank you, Tasha!

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    If you had good results with your osteo then stay with it. This journey is so much about learning about your own body. I will say this – your recovery is dependent on your follow through of posture and correct and efficient muscle activation – long term, it can not depend on you osteo or physio – they can hlep you in the short term, but eventually the control is back to you.

    Read through the Education section. Begin to recognize what you need to do to lift your prolapse and what you need to do to help your body relax as well.


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    Hi Tasha, i wish i had specified in my first entry that i spend most of my time on the couch. I have a very young baby that naps only in my arms or that is nursing. I try to lie in bed at times, but it’s not the most productive. Anything i can put on my couch to sit on, perhaps?

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    Oops…i meant to post this with my other question “lounging”…my apologies!

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