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    Diane Stratton

    Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for directing me to the forum… lots of great information here. I have been doing your DVD for about 3 weeks but have a question regarding the neutral spine posture that you describe. I understand the mechanics of the standing posture as described in the video but, here is my confusion…are we actually supposed to keep the lower abdominal muscles constantly activated (am I correct in saying, essentially pulled in/up?) all the time when walking, standing and sitting? If so, I understand this concept but it seems to go against the premise of being able to fully expand your belly when deeply breathing, which I know is also important for pelvic support. It seems like I have always heard the recommendation to not hold in the abdominal muscles?

    Tasha Mulligan

    You are right, by engaging your TA you do limit your belly expansion and that is exactly what you have to do with activity. Belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, although great for relaxation, is not going to work for us prolapse girls because of the direct pressure this puts on our compromised pelvic floor. I have another entry on this topic at http://www.hab-it.com/?topic=yoga-after-prolapse

    Ask any other questions that you have on this to help clarify because our TA contraction is so important to help displace pressure upwards with any and all activities of exertion.

    – Tasha

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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