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    Hi Tasha,

    My back has been out of whack ever since the day before I delivered my baby. I am now suffering from at least a cystocele (OB told me that, but waiting to see a specialist) – very upset as I am young/super active. My lower back is so messed up that it hurts to stand up straight. I used to go to chiro who has alleviated this problem before. Do you think that going again would help or harm me further? And massages too – thoughts on that?

    Also, are there best positions to sleep in or is laying down in any way good in general?

    Thank you!


    If you are comfortable with your chiropractor, that is an option for you. Massage as well will increase blood flow which is always positive. The other good news is that the exercises on the Hab It dvd would be fantastic exercises for any low back pain patient. You seems to have several paths to alleviate both your back pain and your prolapse symptoms so go for it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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