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    Hi Tasha,

    I’m looking for the next step after completing 8 weeks of the Hab It DVD. I’m looking to get back into running and just saw you post recently that you now recommend your Cardio program as the next step instead of the 7 day advanced program. Is there a reason for this change? How many weeks of the Cardio should I do before starting up my running again? Also is there any special equipment I need for the Cardio program that I should get before I start?

    Thank you for all your help!


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    The reason I started recommending this is that I was getting a lot of feedback that the plank work was too advanced in the 7 Day. If your previous workout level was moderate to high, the 7 Day Advanced is your route, but I began to recognize that the Hab It dvd may have been some ladies first introduction to the plank exercise period! In that case, I could see how the Advanced program jumped them too fast. So in 2015 when I wrote the Hab It cardio – I made sure to design this program with those women in mind and all planks are modified so that the hands aren’t on the floor but rather up on a stair, counter top etc.

    I also took the time in the Hab It Cardio and Plyo to really coach you with the goal that you could return to any workout class with confidence and your own exercise modifications to make them healthier for your own body.

    That being said, the 7 Day is a fantastic Core Workout – it is what I come back to every January to re-set my core. If you are a chick that has confidence in the plank workouts you have done before pregnancy, then don’t hesitate to go to the 7 Day!


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