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    I am a mom of two… After my first, I had incontinence – esp during running or high impact activity. My OB told me that it’s normal given my large, and overdue babies.
    I am now 8 months post partum with my 2nd child; Just 6 weeks ago I noticed a bulge just inside my vagina and after seeing my DR (who without assessing the situation himself) referred me to a pelvic floor physio therapist.
    My PT confirmed that I have a stage 2 bladder prolapse. She said that I have a tight, but weak pelvic floor from over bracing and years of constipation.
    I am extremly upset by this diagnosis and am desperate to resolve this problem. My PT had given me some breathing/relaxation exercises to do and I have also bought the Hab-it dvd which I have been doing every other day for the past two weeks.
    My question for you is whether or not my bulge will ever go away if I continue the exercises? I just don’t think I will ever have full confidence that it is safe to go running or even sneeze for that matter for as long as my bulge is there!
    Please help!!!


    You will be able to lift the “bulge”. It will take time and consistency with your posture and the exercises. If your PT says you have a hypertonic pelvic floor, then you may want to read through my blogs in the “Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms” topic in the Educate Yourself section of our website.

    You can make big changes within your own body by developing better body awareness and understanding the muscles that you need to contract. Give yourself time, and read, read, read to get many great tips and bits of encouragement on your journey!



    Hi Christine,
    Please let me know what progress you make with PT as I am in a similar situation. I had an 8 lb. baby 6 months ago, which I didn’t feel was that large for being 41 weeks, but it was a forceps delivery with a 3rd degree episiotomy, leaving me with a stage 3 cystocele (according to a specialist, but it is not yet protruding and I have been told stage 2 from several obgyns). It seems diagnosis can vary, especially since depending on where I am in my cycle, my symptoms may be better or worse. I am also afraid (and too uncomfortable) to do much activity but from what I have read, sitting around is probably the worst thing for prolapse. I have a brand new treadmill that I bought when I was 8 months pregnant and haven’t used due to prolapse. I need to just force myself on it for even a half a mile a day of walking. Do you like to swim? I love swimming and find that I feel pretty “normal” in the water. I haven’t been going because I’ve been so down about my situation, but really need to change my attitude before I make things worse. I started taking my 6 month old to a mommy and me class last week, although it’s not much exercise, it’s a start and a very nice distraction.


    Hi Erica,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It seems like we are in a similar situation.
    Can you feel the bulge when you are lying down? I am having difficulty getting a stage diagnosis since it is pretty normal while lying down. My guess would be that I am a stage 2-3 though depending on the time of the month.
    So far my physio has just given me an awarness of my posture to help me identify and correct my posture.
    I am really anxious to get all of this resolved and am looking at all options, including surgery. Knowing that it could take months/years to actually get scheduled, though, is forcing me to continue my PT, accupuncture, pessary, etc.
    As for exercise, I am a runner, but have stopped running ever since my discovery. I do walk daily with my stroller, but since I know my posture is compromised in this position, I also try to go for walks in the eve by myself where I really focus on my posture and breath.
    If you are able to exercise, I think it would be a good thing both physically and emotionally. Baby classes are also great and I also attend several, and it helps to get out and talk to other mums.
    Good luck with your prolapse…I hope we are both early in our post-partum recovery that we can see significant improvement!


    Hi Christine,

    I don’t know if you will see my post or not since this is an older post. I didn’t used to be able to feel the prolapse lying down but lately I can and it really annoys me at night when trying to get into a comfortable position. I am not sure if I’m really feeling it or if it is mostly mental, it’s so hard to tell and I also still have a lot of pain so that could be part of it. Let me know if you see this and I can write more.

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