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    Hi Tasha! Just finished Workout 3…and I found myself wondering if, in general, my breathing should be similar to the back leg extension exercise from Workout 2 where it was breathing out on the harder part and in on the easier part? Does the breathing pattern matter? And to double check–on the leg lift, my TA should be in the whole time no matter whether exhaling or inhaling? Thank you so much!

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    Yes! Breathe out with exertion whether that is during these specific exercises or when shoveling dirt or snow. This will engage your TA and help lift pressure from your pelvic floor. When combined with good posture (slight tail bone lift) it also protects lumbar discs, hernia pressure, hemorrhoids.

    And yes, your TA should remain engaged throughout your workout whether breathing in or out. Just like the guys where a weight lifting belt – you keep your own TA belt cinched, your chest up throughout your workouts. Feel strong and proud!!!


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    Great! So helpful! I will! Thank you for the help.

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